Rock Mapper | Paperless Face Mapping & Sampling.

Map directly onto face photograph

Instead of starting on a blank piece of paper, simply draw onto a face photograph with Rock Mapper. Easier, quicker and more accurate compared to a traditional paper-based map. To give you full flexibility, set up any number of mapping layers (contacts, structures, POIs and scribble layers) to record even the most complex face geology.

3D register face photograph

Rock Mapper can georeference any face photograph based on a single reference point, such as a drive direction laser point projected onto the face. Choose a laser station from the list and enter the distance to it. Together with a scale bar and the face orientation (which is either acquired using the iPad's built in magnetic compass or entered manually) the face will be fully registered in 3D space. How simple is that.

Record face samples

Mark point samples or channel samples directly on the georeferenced face photograph. Rock Mapper will transform it into a set of CSV files (collar, survey, interval values) to load into any sample database. Interval length for channel samples are computed based on the scale of the photograph. Rock Mapper reports the percentage of each sampling domain as well as the total area of the face. And last but not least, you can freely define any extra metadata fields that you would like to add to your samples (e.g., ore type, quartz %).

Mapping and sampling reports

Sometimes it might be handy to have mapping results on paper. Rock Mapper has you covered. It generates sampling and mapping reports for every face and stores them as PDFs. Relevant information such as channel sample interval data and reference information (e.g., laser station coordinates) is also included in the report. Sharing, viewing and archiving face maps is now easy, thanks to Rock Mapper.

Directly use data

All data is synced wirelessly over the cloud and available within seconds; no post-processing or conversion needed. The data is delivered in a format that can be used for 3D modelling (e.g., in Leapfrog Geo) or for grade control. The days of manual digitisation of face maps and database entry of sampling data from a hand-written sampling sheet are over. Make better informed decisions every day with easy and quick access to high quality face data provided by Rock Mapper.

Rock Mapper

The 1st cloud-enabled underground face sampling & face mapping app in the world
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  • Site-wide license
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  • Georeferenced face data
  • Automatic PDF reports

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