A Turnkey Core Photography System

Casper is a mobile, light-weight and field-tested core tray photography package for core sheds that includes all hardware and software to get you started. Casper has been collecting hundreds of thousands high-quality core photographs since it was released in January 2020. The feedback from logging geologists has been very positive because Casper is comfortable to use and captures great photographs. Casper follows a 'camera-to-core' principle where, instead of a fixed core photography station, a mobile frame rolls along roller racks over the core trays to consistenly acquire high quality imagery.
Casper is a modular system, which means it can be customised to perfectly match the width of flat roller racks (min gauge 575mm, max gauge 700mm). It's even possible to transform Casper into a fixed camera station by replacing its wheels for feet that allow it to be directly attached to a roller rack. Additionally, we can acommodate any other customisations to meet the client's requirements due to in-house CAD (computer aided design) and 3D printing capabilities.
Casper is compatible with cloud-enabled core photography management services such as IMAGO. Alternatively, you can use Casper 'offline' with any live view & capture software1. And in case you want to apply deep learning / machine learning to your core photographs then get in touch with the experts at DATAROCK.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne (Australia)

Casper comes in 2 configurations

Includes 60MP digital camera
Includes matching prime lens
Achievable image resolution: 115 microns
Includes tablet computer
Includes Core Cropper software
Fully pre-configured (works out of the box)

Max supported core tray size: 106x56cm


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Casper Pro comes with a custom Windows app called Core Cropper. It allows to automatically crop, rotate & rename multiple core photographs based on a user-adjustable cropping template with a single click. Just select a folder with all the pictures and press CROP. Done.
Casper comes flat-packed and can be set up in less than 30 min. All you need is a single allan key (which comes in the box). If you can build an Ikea Billy bookcase, then you are more than capable of setting up Casper.

Key points

High resolutoion core tray photographs
Glare mitigation on wet drill core
Colour calibration bar
Automatic lens vignetting correction2

Photograph captured by CASPER and cropped with Core Cropper

CASPER PRO brochure (PDF, 1MB)

  1. Most cameras from Canon, Sony and Nikon have remote shooting capabilities. 

  2. Vignetting = reduction of image's brightness towards its edges