3D Geological Modelling

3D geological modelling is a powerful technique that allows to generate knowledge from spatial datasets by visualising, assessing and interpreting them in three dimensions. Before commencing any 3D modelling process, the available data is screened and checked for errors and inconsistencies which could negatively impact modelling results.
We love stereonets. They are a powerful way to visualise orientation data.
Additionally, the main purpose of the model has to be clearly defined from the outset because it will ultimately govern the type of input data and complexity as well as requireded time to complete the modelling job.
The less data, the more of a knowledge-driven modelling approach has to be used. Geodimensional applies first principle structural geology techniques to extract valuable information from even just a handful of (exploration) drillholes.

Geodimensional is employing Leapfrog Geo for the majority of modelling tasks because of it's flexibility and built-in structural and statistical features. It can be used to generate various types of models.

3D model types

Fault model
Stratigraphic model
Weathering model
Ore body model
Alteration model
Lithogeochemical domain model
Resource model
Geotechnical model (RQD)

Geodimensional has many years of experience in 3D modelling as well as the necessary geological expertise in ore deposit and structural geology in order to deliver outcomes that are fit for purpose. All models are handed over with concise documentation supported by meaningful figures.

3D bedding trend surfaces

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Long section showing an exploration drillhole dataset